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A weekly podcast that takes you into the biggest sports events of the week and what you should be drinking with them. Product reviews and ratings. Matt East and Hank Allen have a combined 30 years experience in broadcast television. We're using that experience to bring you the latest news and topics in the world of sports and to highlight some of the great spirits in the United States and abroad. It's a little sports, spirits, and travel all in one place! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to listen.
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Dec 27, 2017

Huge weekend of football on the way. Matt and Hank are here to close out the year talking about NFL's final regular season weekend and the college football semifinal games on New Year's Day. 

We'll lay out all the NFL playoff scenarios and who we think will make it in after the weekend is done. 

Plus a breakdown of the best bowls this weekend along with our predictions for the playoff semifinals on Monday. 

As always thanks for listening! 

Dec 14, 2017

Matt East flies solo this week and discusses all of the biggest news in the week of sports, including college football bowl season getting underway, huge NFL games this weekend, Adam Vinatieri's expensive snow game, Stanton joining the Yankees, and NBS surprises thus far. 


Dec 7, 2017

The bowls are set and the top 4 has been chosen. Matt and Hank talk about the college football playoff rankings and give our thoughts on Alabama getting in. 

Then we'll discuss some of the coaching changes in the world of college football. Who do we think will make the biggest impact? 

After that a big weekend of NFL games with some great match-ups. We'll break down and pick the best games. Plus more fun along the way! 

Thanks for listening! 

Dec 1, 2017

Big weekend of college football on the way! Matt and Hank start off by breaking down the playoff rankings and scenarios. How do we see it sorting out? 

Then at 20:00 we talk some NFL headlines, including Eli in New York and the NFC South's playoff chances. 

At 29:00 we highlight some holiday cocktails from Smirnoff to get you ready for the season! See the recipes below. 

Then we'll touch on the Tennessee coaching search at 33:00 and make our championship game picks at 39:00!

Smirnoff Recipes: 

Cardamom Pear Punch ( 12- 16 drinks) 
·         3 cups Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka
·         6 cups pear juice ( from a jar) 
·         1-2 teaspoons orange bitters
·         2 red pears, sliced thinly horizontally 
Cardamom Ginger Syrup
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup water
10 cardamon pods crushed ( or sub 1 teaspoon ground cardamon) 
1/8 cup sliced ginger root, peels ok
1 tablespoon vanilla 
Make the Syrup. Place honey, water,  cardamon, ginger and vanilla in a small pot and simmer gently for 5 minutes. Turn the heat off and let this steep one hour, or overnight for the best flavor. 
In a medium punch bowl or beverage dispenser, pour in the Smirnoff Vodka, pear juice, bitters and sliced pears. Stir in the Cardamon ginger syrup.
Refrigerate until ready to serve, and serve over ice. 
This can be made a day ahead or the night before the party and refrigerated, allowing the flavors to meld.  
Winter Whisperer
·         1.5 oz Smirnoff Peppermint Twist
·         .75 oz pomegranate syrup
·         .75 oz fresh lemon juice
·         8 mint leaves
·         2 oz Club Soda
Chocolate Peppermint Martini – Courtesy of Kendra Darr from Simply Darrling
  • 4 ounces Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka
  • 2 ounce crème de cacao
  • 1 ounce chocolate liquor
  • 2 ounce cream chocolate sauce & crushed peppermint for garnish
Holiday Bliss
·         1 oz Smirnoff Peppermint Twist
·         .5 oz Don Julio Añejo Tequila
·         3 oz Rich Chocolate Milk